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Hales lookup please? [03 Jul 2009|06:02pm]

MOXIFLOXACIN (Ophthalmic)†
eye drops to be used after Lasik surgery.


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Hair vitamins and breastfeeding. [18 Aug 2008|11:07pm]

I was interested in taking these vitamin suppliments that are supposed to encourage healthy hair growth. I was wondering if this would be safe to take while breastfeeding my 14 month old? I looked the ingredents up on line and they are as listed:

Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B-6
Panthothenic Acid
He Shou Wu
Folic Acid
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::Waves!:!:: [27 Jul 2008|10:19pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Hello all, I'm a brand spanking new member. 28 and Mommy to 16 week old Alex. I don't BF exclusively as I am a lazy mommmy and haven't been pumping as much as I should to get a stockpile for when he's away from me. There's still plenty for him to bf all day when I'm with him, but I can only keep a day or two ahead of him with as much as he eats, the little heffer.

Quick and easy question (I'm hoping) to all of you mom's out there that are past the 3/4 month old mark. Alex, lately, has taken to chomping down with his gummy little jaws and using my nipples as stretch toys. I've tried a few things to get him to stop including, yelling out to various deities to be saved, bopping him on the nose and telling him sternly "No!" (that only gets a big happytime grin), and my sister told me to give him a little squeeze or do something he doesn't like, like rubbing his back.

None of these have worked thus far and I'd hate to have stop giving him the breast before he starts nomming on me with little pearly whites. All because I'd miss it terribly, it calms him down so much, and it's much easier, cheaper, and quieter than trying to warm a bottle of milk at 3am with a cranky baby on my shoulder.

Does anyone out there have any other tips to keep my little booger from using me as his own personal Stretch Armstong doll? I'd appreciate any help before it looks like I'm smuggling noodly appendages under my bra.


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hello bfeeding guru goddesses [22 Oct 2007|08:28pm]

my sister and i had an interesting discussion tonight regarding the ability to bfeed if you've had a bilateral breast reduction. do any of you ladies know anyone that's been successful at bfeeding years after a breast reduction? my sister doesn't think she can do it, i say there MUST be a work around. who's right??


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need help with breastfeeding pain [10 Oct 2007|02:27pm]

Hi all!
I just created an LJ account so that I could come online and get some help.
<lj-cut text="I'm a new mom to a one month old baby boy and I'm having lots of pain with breastfeeding.">

The first week was painful, but that was to be expected.  The hospital lactation consultant helped me out while I was there, made sure his latch was good and things were pretty okay for a while.  Somewhere around the 2nd week, my nipples started to hurt quite a bit.  It's still like that.  It feels like needles when he is feeding.  I've cried over it at least once a day for the past week or so. 

I've gone online and looked at lots of different websites - kellymom.com, breastfeeding.com, etc. and looked at what could be the problem.  I also went and bought "The Woman Art of Breastfeeding."  Everything I've read makes it sound like bad latch, but everything I've read about latching makes it sound like he's latched correctly.  His mouth covers almost all of my areola (sp?) and his lips are curled out.  In fact, I can tell when it's a BAD latch, because it hurts even more!   I practically shriek when it's a bad latch.  The symptoms don't lead me to believe it's thrush, and i've ruled out plugged duct because I've already had one of those and corrected it.  It's my nipples that hurt, so I'm ruling out mastitis, too.

Upon recommendation of my husband, I called the hospital yesterday and talked to a lactation consultant.  She asked a bunch of questions and ultimately decided that it was maybe the fact that he falls asleep at my breast and I leave him there to continue sucking.  (He's such a sleepy baby that this happens most of the time.)  She said this was probably causing unnecessary pressure on my nipples and making them sore.  She recommended breaking the latch at the very moment I realize he's fallen asleep.  I did this all yesterday and it resulted in him not eating much.  He falls asleep within a few minutes of latching on.  Additionally, it means I'm feeding him more often, because I know he didn't get much the last time I fed him.  I think this probably causes me even more stress.  And so far, the pain has not gone away.

This is really causing me some major emotional pain, too.  I'm not enjoying my time with my son because of how much pain he causes.  I mean, I know it's not his fault at all, but I can't get over that pretty much all the time I spend with him is done so in pain.  I think that's what makes me cry the most.  I love him so much, but the only time I truly enjoy him is when he's asleep.  That makes me feel like a horrible mother.  I don't want to miss out on this time in his life because of this.

I want to breastfeed him for all the right reasons, and I know that it's supposed to be hard at first.  But is it supposed to be hard this far in?  Aren't I supposed to be enjoying our feeding times? 

I've considered going to a local LLL meeting, but I am not really a social type.  I hate groups and meetings.  I'm more of an online or one on one type.  The thought of a meeting with lots of other women whom I don't know freaks me out for some reason.

I've considered pumping and giving him bottles of my milk, but so far, each time I've pumped, I've only managed to get (at most) 2 oz. out of about 30 minutes to an hour of pumping.  That's so discouraging!  Even more so when I think about the fact that I'm going to have to go back to work soon and will NEED to have some milk pumped and stored by then.

Please let me know what I can do.  I need to know what you think might could be the problem or what I might could do to change things.
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new mom of a preemie here [27 Sep 2007|07:49am]

anyone want to tell me more about nipple shields and maintaining my milk supply and weaning off of the nipple shield later?
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[23 Sep 2007|11:20am]

I need help! Please!!

My angel turned 10 months yesterday, and we're having a problem. On Thursday of last week, he developed a cold. Runny nose, stuffy nose, green snot, etc. Nothing in his chest that I hear. He's having a fever in the late afternoons on into the night. It gets to about 102.2 during the night, but then it breaks around 3 or 4 a.m. He's getting 2 new teeth, too, so that might be a factor.

Also, I am a teacher, so I'm away from him for about 9 hours a day. He takes EBM in a bottle twice while I'm gone. He's never had formula. I pump 3 times a day at work. He eats solids (fruits, veggies, rice cereal) 2 or 3 times a day. When he's with me, he nurses constantly. It's nothing for him to nurse 2 or 3 times in an hour, sometimes more when I first get home from work. On the weekends, it's at least once per hour, usually more. He weighs almost 23 pounds.


Starting Friday morning, he is barely wanting to nurse. He'll eat when he's really tired (we cosleep). But when he's awake he wants *almost* nothing to do with nursing. He didn't eat for 2 1/2 hours when he woke up, and he was starting to fuss when he was so hungry/tired, so he finally let me lay down with him and nurse him to sleep. He didn't want much to do with his bottle Friday while I worked, but he did eventually take both of them. Yesterday he only nursed a couple of times other than when he was going to take a nap or go to sleep at night. I held off on giving him solids and only gave him solids once yesterday, hoping it would make him hungry enough to nurse.

I am soooooooo upset because I'm worried that he doesn't want his milkies anymore. I have cried the whole weekend, which I think upsets him more. My husband and mother don't know what to say to me, because my mother didn't nurse (they both support me nursing very much, they just don't know a lot of facts). I am going to call my LC tomorrow (she's fabulous), but I knew you all could help me. I am so scared that he's weaning himself. I just don't know how I can deal with that, because I wanted him to nurse well into toddler years. I do want him to self-wean one day, because I don't want to "tell" him when to stop, but I wanted it to be a couple of years from now.

-Should I keep giving him solids normally (2-3 times/day), or should I hold off?
-Should I pump and give him a bottle if he'll take it, or would that be discouraging my boobs?
-Is this self-weaning, or a nursing strike, or is his nose just so stopped up that it is uncomfortable for him to nurse?
-What exactly is a nursing strike?
-For those of you who have had a child self-wean, did it start like this?
-For those of you who have had a child nurse less due to a cold, did it get better once the cold went away?

Please help me!!

x-posted several places
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icon [10 Sep 2007|01:15pm]

My angel is 9 months old and has never had formula! He started solids around 7 1/2 months (wasn't interested at 6 months) and takes boobie juice in a bottle when I work (just 2 bottles/day). I pump 3 times a day at work for him - fortunately, I'm a teacher so I had the summer off with him.

Anyway, I am looking for an icon that says something about "if breastfeeding offends you, please feel free to put a blanket over your head" or something like that. Anyone have one I can use? I don't know how to make my own icons.

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Failure to thrive or low supply [30 Aug 2007|05:02pm]

Our daughter was born May 7, 07 and weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces. She dropped to 6 pounds 2 ounces before we left the hospital and was 6 pounds 11 ounces at her one-week checkup. We are breastfeeding exclusively and it seemed to be going well. At 2-month check up she weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces. But her rate of growth has been slowing ever since: first to just 5 ounces a week, then 4 ounces a week, then three and for the past month, just 2 ounces per week. 

The ped saw her at three months because I was concerned about her rate of gain. At three months she weighed 10 pounds 10 ounces and while he acknowledged she was slightly on the small side, he wasn't particularly concerned. He did however recommend Reglan and fenugreek to help with my supply and had us come back for weekly weight checks. Now, she's gained 6 ounces in the past three weeks and we've got her four-month appt. next week. And while I am loathe to supplement with formula and her ped calls supplementing "drastic," I know find myself hoping that it is a simple supply issue and not a real problem with her.

She is happy, alert and meeting her milestones. She nurses 8-10 times per day and seems OK with that. Is it possible that she's happy just to get the milk she's getting, even if it's not enough to support her growth?  
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Slow let down and other issues [29 Jul 2007|07:06pm]

Hi...new on here...

My daughter was born 6 weeks early. She weighed in at 5 lbs 10 oz, but had to be in the NICU for 6 days (2 for antibiotics, 2 for jaundice, and 2 for a couple bradycardia that were 1 point away from being normal).  Due to some miscommunication, the fact that I wanted to breastfeed didn't get through to the necessary people, and it took me about 24 hours to obtain a pump.   I didn't actually get to try breastfeeding until the next evening.

At the hospital, they told me that I should pump every two hours to get my milk going and to keep it up.  So I did.  When I got home, I still did.  I had about 5 days of colostrum. Finally, my milk came in and I pumped about 10 ml on day 6.  She came home that afternoon, and I tried to get her to latch on, but the only way that I can do that so far is to use a nipple shield.

I called a lactation consultant and she said that was normal, and to keep pumping every time we fed her (she is on prescribed bottle feedings, every three hours, 50-70 ml).  I nurse her, or attempt to, before and after every feeding and any time she seems like she's looking for a snack. 

My milk is STILL only at 20ml each pumping.  That's total, not per breast.  And it seems to be slowing down, not increasing.  I'm still taking my vitamins, still drinking enough (but not too much) water, and I'm running out of ideas on how to get my milk up to where she is eating.  I want to get her off the formula ASAP, but I also don't want to starve my daughter. I've tried fenugreek, fennel, and all the rest of the herbal tea ingredients (and the tea too) but they don't seem to help, no matter how much I drink of it.

I'm afraid it's my PCOS and whacked out hormones not cooperating.  Is there anything else I can do? 
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Nuvaring and breastfeeding [29 Jul 2007|12:36am]

[ mood | disappointed ]

I finally had my six week check up, and my doctor and I discussed a few different methods of contraception. I decided to go with the Nuvaring, only to find out after doing on line research that it interferes with the quality/quantity of your milk supply which upsets me considering my doctor didn't even tell me about these harmful effects. I have tried looking into other methods but it seems that just about every other form of birth control except condoms has some horrible side effect to nursing mothers. IUD's are horrifying but does anyone have any helpful suggestions? what are you using for protection if any at all?

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newbie here [28 Jul 2007|10:48pm]

[ mood | calm ]

My son is almost 8 months old and eats solids (bc of his appetite) and we still breastfeed. I have a question. He's cut his 2 bottom teeth and it HURTS like heck when he bites. I mean, he leaves tooth marks sometimes. Is there a way I can get him to stop biting? THANKS! lol

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[20 Jul 2007|01:20am]

I'm about 18 weeks along with baby #2. DS #1 is 26 months and has been slowly self-weaning since Feb, down to nursing twice a day- either in the morning or before nap, and before bed. For the past month or so, nursing has been EXTREMELY irritating. Sometimes it's painful, mostly it just feels overwhelming like if I don't get him to stop NOW my head will explode. It's very frustrating for both of us. I've moved us along to nursing once a day, for a few minutes. It still upsets him, but it's honestly the best I can do, some days longer, some shorter.

I'm just looking for some encouragement from others who've been through it. I've nursed around the clock, through illness, through chipped front teeth, through cracked nips, and I'm not gonna give up now, even if I have to limit him to a few minutes for the time being. He loves to pet my baby belly and we have the start of a new sleep ritual where he pulls up his shirt and insists on laying "belly to belly." And he can settle down and fall asleep, but it takes SO long for him to chill and there's almost always a trauma about ending our nursing session. Anyway, anecdotes and encouragement are welcome!


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[20 Jul 2007|12:16am]

I had a lot of trouble when I was breastfeeding my son. I gave in to formula around 4 months due to poor weight gain & his pediatrician refusing to take blood and digestive tests as well as sending me to a lactation consultant. I was crying about it for so long, I was dealing with post-partum depression & at the time I felt it was the only way I could bond with him. I could never understand why my milk wasn't enough, I still felt full after a feeding. It seemed my let-downs were not coming fast enough for him or lasted long enough. Is it possible that introducing a pacifier too early could have been the reason for poor weight gain? My sister was taking care of him mostly during the first week and started giving him one when he was 3 days old.

I'm pregnant again and my doctor is being very supportive about myself wanting to breastfeed again. She says that my old problems with my son may not exist with the new one. Is that possible? I never wanted to give him a pacifier to begin with and I won't be using one for the new one. My breasts already feel somewhat full but I suspect that is because I only gave up breastfeeding a little over 4 months ago. I'm kinda hoping that it's a good sign and it means I won't have problems this time around.
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help: I worry I am starving my baby [18 Jul 2007|11:34am]


Our dear daughter was born May 7 and weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz. At her one week checkup, she was already up to 6 lbs. 11 oz and I thought we pretty much had this breast feeding thing down.

Since then, her rate of growth has slowed--at 10 weeks she weighed exactly 10 pounds--to about 4-5 ounces a week. In addition to this slow down, my left breast is significantly smaller than my right and produces only enough milk to wet the bottom of the bottle when I pump (something I've been doing hoping to increase production). And, DD only has a BM every 2-3 days. 

Her pediatrician says that a. this rate of growth is completely normal and that b. because she is very active (began rolling over two days before 2 months old and is just a real wiggle worm) that she is probably just burning off a lot of calories. He also said that she is meeting or surpassing all developmental milestones both motor skills and emotional/social development.

Still, owing to her small size and my left boob issues, I worry that I am starving her. What do you think? 

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Gentian Violet [18 Jul 2007|07:40am]

A few of you suggested that I used the product Gentian Violet for treating thrush in my baby's mouth. Well, My doctor told me to discontinue use of the product immediately because it is a carcinogen. Just thought I'd share.
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[17 Jul 2007|10:24am]

Prepare for some complaints...I know, I know that the good outweighs the bad, but I honestly think I am "over" breastfeeding...My babe is 7 months old, and has never had formula, so I have really been pretty dedicated.....until today...

I don't think I'm producing enough milk, and no amount of fenugreek or oatmeal has helped...My little one is truly "little" at only 15 lbs at 7 months (born 6 lbs, 9 oz), so her gain has been questionable (and she has consistently dropped in the charts)...lately, I have only been able to pump A TOTAL of 4 oz after two-three sessions (I used to pump 14 oz in two sessions easy)

...to make matters worse, my babe refuses her EBM at daycare anyways (which is actually working, because I don't have much to send with her)...

Now to make up for her daytime hunger strike, she nurses at night..all night...and by the ferocity of her nursing and frequent crying throughout the night, I don't think she's getting much...and really, she is attached to me ALL night...I literally called in sick today because I got 1 hour of sleep...

I am not sleeping, she is barely sleeping, though she is obviously hungry and grumpy during the night..she still wont take much EMB, so there is no chance I can supplement with formula...I really didn't plan on moving to formula, but all signs point to "supplementation"...I know this is the PRO breastfeeding community, and I am very pro-bfing, but I need some advice on maybe moving her to formula (unless someone has some fresh advice on how to make this all work)

Please don't call me selfish or other mean things. I really have given it my all, and am now worried about the health of my little one firstly (and my need for sleep a distant secondarily)
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rash on me [10 Jul 2007|09:29pm]

i didn't see anything in the memories that seemed to be what i'm experiencing.   is it normal to have a rash break out on your boobs when nursing?   when it first happened i thought it was stretch marks, then i thought it was my baby scratching,  but im keeping her nails short & they don't look like scratches, honestly they look like how i break out in an allergic reaction to nickel, but i don't have anything nickel around my boobs!!  it tends to be very itchy,  not painful but it is itchy & it isnt very appealing either, it also only appears on one of them.  i've been putting cocoa butter on it to help with the itchiness but it isn't helping the breaking out.
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thrush [10 Jul 2007|02:55pm]

[ mood | curious ]

just recently I noticed my baby had thrush of the mouth. After reading the La leche Leauge website it said that the medication my doctor prescribed for the baby (Nystatin) is not effective. I was also wondering what I should be applying to my own nipples in order to keep from cross contaminating the baby. She prescribed me nystatin CREAM to apply to my breast twice a day. Which I do not understand considering this would be dangerous for my baby to ingest. If anyone has had this problem can you please help me.

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kind of gross... [10 Jul 2007|01:33am]

has anyone had a problem with as my family calls them,, "exploding diapers" ?     this isn't like a rare misuse of the diaper & it leaks some, this is AS SOON AS Sophia poops, it's all over her outfit, the swing, carseat, bouncer, etc.  it happens almost once a day.  basically, if she poops, it leaks!   she's not dehydrated, she's gaining weight, but she's ruining clothes & the like.  i asked my LC about it a couple of weeks ago & she told me to try some different nursing positions & nurse longer  which i have, but it's still happening!! usually in the morning but on occasion other times in the day.  when it first started happening i figured she was ready for a bigger diaper but now she's in a size for her weight & it still happens!  regardless of the brand, how soon you change her, tightness of the diaper, poop leaks!!!  i should be seeing my LC again soon, but i'd really like for my baby to stop this. any ideas what to do to stop it?   also, any working tips on how to get the stains out? 
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