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Hello all, I'm a brand spanking new member. 28 and Mommy to 16 week old Alex. I don't BF exclusively as I am a lazy mommmy and haven't been pumping as much as I should to get a stockpile for when he's away from me. There's still plenty for him to bf all day when I'm with him, but I can only keep a day or two ahead of him with as much as he eats, the little heffer.

Quick and easy question (I'm hoping) to all of you mom's out there that are past the 3/4 month old mark. Alex, lately, has taken to chomping down with his gummy little jaws and using my nipples as stretch toys. I've tried a few things to get him to stop including, yelling out to various deities to be saved, bopping him on the nose and telling him sternly "No!" (that only gets a big happytime grin), and my sister told me to give him a little squeeze or do something he doesn't like, like rubbing his back.

None of these have worked thus far and I'd hate to have stop giving him the breast before he starts nomming on me with little pearly whites. All because I'd miss it terribly, it calms him down so much, and it's much easier, cheaper, and quieter than trying to warm a bottle of milk at 3am with a cranky baby on my shoulder.

Does anyone out there have any other tips to keep my little booger from using me as his own personal Stretch Armstong doll? I'd appreciate any help before it looks like I'm smuggling noodly appendages under my bra.

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